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  • Wells_Sun_SideView_MainImage_Charcoal_Sepia
  • Dusk Wells_Sun_SideView_Color_Dusk
  • Shoreline Wells_Sun_SideView_Color_Shoreline
  • Venom Smoke Wells_Sun_SideView_Color_Venom_Smoke
  • Charcoal Sepia Wells_Sun_Sideview_Color_Charcoal_Sepia
  • Seeing the Wells Street Bridge raised and lowered reminds us that Chicago truly is a third coast. The bridge is also a study in harmony. Beyond rising to allow the passage of boats, its double-deck construction allows the flow of L trains above and cars and pedestrians below. Originally built in 1922, it’s a prime example of Chicago architectural innovation. This innovation is echoed in the two-toned acetates in this style, where contrasting colors come together in harmony. Dusk evokes the setting sun, shoreline reminds of the coast, both venom/smoke and charcoal/sepia blend almost seamlessly.




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