• Indigo Coral
  • Lill_SideView_MainImage_Indigo_Coral
  • Seaspray
  • Lill_SideView_MainImage_Seaspray
  • Blood Orange
  • Lill_SideView_MainImage_Blood_Orange
  • Indigo Coral Indigo Coral
  • Seaspray Seaspray
  • Blood Orange Blood Orange
  • Picturesque Lill Avenue may only occupy a few blocks in the heart of Lincoln Park, but that’s all it takes to capture your heart and imagination; no wonder art and design studios carry its name. The chic, oversized shape of the Lill Sun captures the refinement of Lincoln Park while the artistic cutaway effect reveals multi-layered color and sums up the charm and whimsy of Lill Ave. Blood orange gives way to a beautiful purple, indigo reveals a hint of coral, and seaspray offers a subtle tonal option.