• Kinzie_Frontview_Main_Iced_Rose_Granite_Rose_Gold
  • Kinzie_Sideview_Main_Iced_Rose_Granite_Rose_Gold
  • Kinzie_Frontview_Mainl_Iced_Coffee_Gold
  • Kinzie_Sideview_Mainl_Iced_Coffee_Gold
  • Kinzie_Frontview_Main_Atlantis_Chrome
  • Kinzie_Sideview_Main_Atlantis_Chrome
  • Rosé Granite Rose Gold Kinzie_Thumbnail_Rose_Granite_Rose_Gold
  • Iced Coffee Gold Kinzie_Thumbnail_Iced_Coffee_Gold
  • Atlantis Chrome Kinzie_Thumbnail_Atlantis_Chrome
  • The first sun style from our STATE x Japan Artisan Series draws inspiration from both Chicago and Japan. The mod, oversized style reminds us of Marina city, aka the corncob buildings, artistically looming over Kinzie St, and the painstakingly detailed titanium temples speak to Japan’s rich history of craftsmanship. Featuring an acetate front handcrafted in Chicago and beta-titanium temples manufactured in Japan.