• Diversey_FrontView_MainImage_Havana_Tortoise
  • Diversey_SideView_MainImage_Havana_Tortoise
  • Diversey_FrontView_MainImage_BluejayBluejay
  • Diversey_SideView_MainImage_Bluejay
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  • Diversey_SideView_MainImage_Venom
  • Havana Tortoise Diversey_SideView_Havana_Tortoise
  • Bluejay Diversey_SideView_Bluejay
  • Venom Diversey_SideView_Venom
  • As you reach the eastern end of Diversey Avenue and the harbor comes into view, the city energy starts to chill out and nature beckons. Whether you’ve arrived to explore Lincoln Park or head out onto Lake Michigan, this high-bar aviator style will see that you both fit in and stand out.