Our Favorite Shades

Today marks National Sunglasses Day but we believe every day is Sunglass Day. Never leave home without them.

Much like with children, it’s challenging and perhaps unfair to choose one favorite pair of sunglasses. But who are we kidding, we all have (or should have) one pair of shades that makes us feel glamorous, one that makes us feel hip, one that hides the excesses of the previous night, and on and on. In honor of National Sunglasses Day, a fantastic initiative by The Vision Council to promote UV eye protection, we’re going to rundown a few of our favorite pairs of shades.

Instant Sex Appeal

Rush in Grape Frost

The Rush sunglasses are as they say, extra. A statement shape, glittery acetates, and intriguing layering are sure to get you noticed. This pair will take even a t-shirt and jeans to the next level. Our go-to glam shades.

The Everyday Statement Piece

Lincoln in Tobacco Leaf

There’s no reason for your everyday shades to be boring, enter the Lincoln. Choose a shape that always feels flattering, a color that can work with anything but still has personality, and quality that will stand up to everyday wear. Pick the right shades and you’ll always look put together, even heading to yoga class or on last-minute trips to the grocery store. Also the perfect hangover glasses, just saying.

Modern Mod

Foster in Black

Foster suns are the perfect blend of vintage and modern design, for when you’re looking to feel hip. A sandblasted finish on classic black helps this style stand out from other rounds.

Ethereal Vibes

Luna in Iris Mosaic

Choose luminescent colorways in easy-to-wear shapes, like in the Luna, for a look that’s ethereal but still modern.

What look is your sunglass wardrobe missing? Visit our sunglass page to fill in the gaps, and in honor of #NationalSunglassesDay, please share your #sunglassselfie with us on Instagram.