The Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Inspired by Chicago

STATE’s Spring Summer 2019 Optical collection is all about color play and texture. As a new transplant to Chicago, creative director, Nico Roseillier, drew fresh inspiration from the combination of colors juxtaposed throughout the city – skyscrapers against the river, the lakefront meeting the skyline, green spaces entwined with vintage architecture. You see the result of this inspiration in contrasting front and temple colors across the first five pieces of the collection, released in April. Texture is also applied to the temples to enhance the contrast and elevate the collection.

The city also inspired new bridge and temple designs on select styles that mimic the evolution of architecture throughout Chicago’s history. The new bridge design tapers, which both builds on STATE’s obsession with ergonomics and delivers a less heavy look, bringing more diversity to the line. We are also excited to offer two new temple designs on select styles, a slimmer, more fluid, feminine temple and a more distinctive, vintage-inspired, masculine temple.

This release also introduces a new STATE signature. While the pyramidal temple tip will always serve as a mark of authenticity on all STATE styles, our new signature décor piece, featured on select styles, adds another distinctly STATE element (that doesn’t hide behind the ears). Take a close look at this silver décor piece – comprised of three rectangles; its inspiration was drawn from a visit to the famed Farnsworth House, designed by Mies van der Rohe, just south of Chicago. The house explores the impact of minimal, sharp lines against the surrounding nature. So does this piece act to stand out from its surrounding hand-crafted acetate to create a unique look.

Stay tuned for our summer release in June that will further explore these themes. Until then, take a closer look at these five latest styles:


This vintage-inspired style exemplifies the new features of the Spring 2019 collection, exploring color contrast from the front to temples, carrying the signature décor, and acting as the perfect vehicle for our new masculine temple design. Like the street it was named for, in the Gold Coast, the Astor breathes timeless luxury.


This style offers some of STATE’s prettiest colorways to date in an easy-to-wear women’s shape featuring our new feminine temple design and the STATE signature décor piece.


Though named for Grace St, this women’s style is also grace personified – blending strength and beauty for a powerful look. The STATE décor piece stands out proudly against beautifully pigmented acetate.


A men’s style that manages to feel classic and unique at once, the new tapered STATE bridge provides both comfort and style to a sleek, rectangular shape in masculine, nature-inspired colorways. The Harlem also features the new signature décor piece.


Color and texture are interwoven in intense new acetate colorways in this statement style for women. The tapered bridge lightens the front for a flattering look while the temple flips the script on tapering, providing additional intrigue.