In Conversation with Liz Dozier

Liz Dozier

Just saying the word Chicago has the power to evoke powerful imagery. Depending on your neighborhood, that imagery can vary radically. This is what Liz Dozier is working to change. As a principal credited with turning around one of the city’s most violent schools and now as an activist working to improve conditions in not […]

Do Lollapalooza Right

  Our co-founder, Scott Shapiro, keeps a pretty busy schedule, to put it midly, but there are two times a year when you know exactly where he’ll be – the Cubs’ home opener and Lollapalooza. On the eve of Chicago’s biggest event of the summer, we gathered some pro tips for getting through the festival […]

Our Favorite Shades

Today marks National Sunglasses Day but we believe every day is Sunglass Day. Never leave home without them. Much like with children, it’s challenging and perhaps unfair to choose one favorite pair of sunglasses. But who are we kidding, we all have (or should have) one pair of shades that makes us feel glamorous, one […]

The Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Inspired by Chicago STATE’s Spring Summer 2019 Optical collection is all about color play and texture. As a new transplant to Chicago, creative director, Nico Roseillier, drew fresh inspiration from the combination of colors juxtaposed throughout the city – skyscrapers against the river, the lakefront meeting the skyline, green spaces entwined with vintage architecture. You […]

Introducing New Original, Paul Hletko

Our latest New Original is Paul Hletko, founder and distiller of FEW Spirits, maker of some of the best bourbon we’ve had. What better way to introduce Paul than in his own words; we sat down and asked him a few questions… What inspired you to start FEW? FEW was inspired by a couple different […]

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