Every Day is Manufacturing Day in the STATE Factory

National Manufacturing Day is a fantastic way to shine a light on all the makers across the US, but we have to say, every day is manufacturing day in the STATE factory in Chicago. Every day 60 craftsmen clock in. Every day those craftsmen impart a little piece of their soul into each frame they […]

Summer of STATE

In Chicago, summer isn’t just a season; it’s something you prepare for all year. With three months to compensate for a winter spent indoors, Chicagoans don’t let a day of summer go to waste. With that in mind, STATE was determined to break out of the factory. And so the Summer of STATE pop-up series […]

An Evening with the Creatures

Introducing STATExCOTW From left to right: Chris Peters, Mickey Boardman, Shane Gabier, Scott Shapiro Conventional wisdom would probably not advise throwing a launch party during a blizzard. Luckily, neither we nor Creatures of the Wind are known for being conventional. Last week, when the forecast blared NOR’EASTER, we pulled out our boots and lined up […]

Introducing the STATE of NOW

Making things happen in the STATE of NOW

STATE Optical Co. was founded on the belief that the STATE we live in – state of affairs, state of consciousness, state of being – is largely up to us to create. We can either accept the STATE shaped by the world around us or we can work to change it for the better. STATE […]

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