Reality is limited only by what we can make of it. To the makers, to the doers, to the independent thinkers, we celebrate you. Stay original.

“We need women in power, we need women taken seriously and we need real systemic change when it comes to women in power.”– Jaclyn Johnson

It’s never easy to answer the question of what influences you. Those gears are constantly turning in the background. Chuck Palahniuk said “Nothing of me is original. I’m the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” I think the same is true for the work we create. It’s just a matter of how you’re processing those experiences in the moment.– Dave Mucci

We all have a mark to leave on this world. New Originals don’t accept the status quo, they challenge convention to push their field of work to new levels. They recognize and harness the power of their independent spirit and voice, using their unique talents to better the world around them. This is a place to celebrate their contributions. Here’s a peek at our next featured New Originals